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Frandesa Co.,Ltd is a Developer and Producer of Crop Protection Products

The history of the Company Frandesa Co.,Ltd began in March 2006 on the site of dilapidated veterinary-sanitary disposal plant located almost two kilometers away from Bereza town, Brest region.

The construction of the modern plant for the production of Chemical Crop Protection Products was started here.

From a developing Company Frandesa Co.,Ltd has turned into a leading Producer in the market. We have value of our Clients and respect of our Competitors, and we can be proud of our 9-year history!

Frandesa Co.,Ltd is a recognized leader in the Belarusian market of Chemical Crop Protection Products.


market share of Frandesa Co.,Ltd. in pesticides production of the Republic of Belarus


production processes are automated. Production workshops are equipment with the facilities of the leading European Manufacturers


quality control. The company controls the quality of its products throughout the manufacturing process — from the quality control of raw materials in the laboratory of the Supplier to the quality control of the formulation.


qualified specialists of our Company work daily to achieve maximum quality in their work because quality is the responsibility of the Producer to the Buyer.

Mission and Values

Our main task is to provide agricultural Producers with highly efficient domestic Crop Protection Products that meet the latest international standards of quality and environmental safety due to constant implementation of innovation and high technologies.

Developments of the Company for the Crop Protection market are the result of the serious field and laboratory studies.

The interests of our Partners and Clients are of the same priority as our own ones.

We work according to the following values:


commitment to results, but not the process itself. We focus on maximum results in minimum time and with minimum resources. The personnel is recruited to meet these requirements.


symbiosis of special professional knowledge, experience and personal qualities which allows to become leaders and achieve real competitive advantages. It’s the base and the main value of our Company.


ability to meet the needs of the Clients fully and completely with the achievement of maximum mutual benefit


constant introduction of advanced technologies in the development and production of our formulations

Green operation

environmental protection and safe working conditions for our personnel


the Products’ quality is confirmed with numerous awards at different Exhibitions

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